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Alleviate Seasonal Allergies with IV Therapy


To Your Health and Wellness, LLC now has IV therapy!

One of the immunity promoting IV therapy formulas, called a “Meyers Cocktail”, is a specially formulated nutritional blend to boost the immune system and help alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Seasonal allergies develop from being exposed to airborne irritants, like pollens or weeds, that appear only during certain months of the year. Seasonal allergies are also known as allergic rhinitis or hayfever. Still, this name can be misleading because seasonal allergies can strike during fall and spring, too, not just summer when it is “hay” season! We are already starting to see that all familiar yellow coating on everything outdoors due to pollen! The allergens in the air cause the immune system to respond by creating antibodies like it is trying to fight off an infection. The antibodies cause histamine to release, and that triggers the body to react, triggering allergic reactions.

Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies

Symptoms of seasonal allergies include itchy, runny nose, watery or puffy eyes, coughing, throat irritation, sinus congestion, headache, fatigue, wheezing, sneezing, and itchy skin. These symptoms are uncomfortable and an inconvenience for anyone that suffers from seasonal allergies. The good news is that our specialty immunity formula is an effective way to alleviate symptoms of seasonal allergies- while working with your body’s natural defenses and boosting immunity. Our therapies can also be updated with an antihistamine to address allergies during a “bad” attack.

How Does IV Therapy Help Alleviate Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies?

When the body has detected an allergen in the air it tries to protect itself by flushing the irritant out of the body. This manifests as a runny nose and watery eyes, which can cause dehydration if those lost fluids are not replaced. Our specially formulated Immunity blend formula comes with IV fluids to replace those lost fluids and electrolytes that are necessary for the body to regain balance! Seasonal allergies and irritants create inflammation in the body, which results in the stuffy nose and redness we associate with allergies. Our Meyers Cocktail immunity blend contains essential minerals and vitamins that contain anti-inflammatory properties. Included are the following ingredients to demonstrate how it can help alleviate symptoms of seasonal allergies:


Seasonal allergies put the body into a state of stress as it tries to fight off the irritants that are causing inflammation. Stress uses up the body’s internal supply for vitamin B, which can further exacerbate symptoms. Studies on B12 have suggested that it can reduce allergy symptoms, specifically sneezing, congestion, and runny noses.

B Complex

B complex is a blend of several B vitamins that is included in our immunity blend IV, specifically B6, which is also known as folate. This helps regulate inflammation to suppress allergy symptoms and decrease the severity of an allergy attack. Some studies show B6 helps to lessen throat constriction and reduce mucus buildup in the nose. The B complex as a whole helps to boost the immune system during a time of stress.


Magnesium is a like a magic mineral, as we use it in many of our formulas! Among many things, it is a natural antihistamine and helps relieve contracted airways to the lungs. Its calming effect relaxes the body and the bronchial tube and lowers histamine release. By reducing the histamine levels in the body, magnesium can help alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is especially potent for allergy symptom relief, and that’s why we include it in our Immunity IV treatment! It is another natural antihistamine, and it can stop the body from releasing histamine and make it break down faster in the body once it is already released. As above, studies show Vitamin C can significantly reduce symptoms of seasonal allergies.


In addition to helping with bone health,  Calcium restores normal cellular function of nerves and muscles and is an especially important part of your healthy immune system!


Allergy symptoms can dehydrate the body through fluids lost as the body tries to flush out irritants that trigger a reaction. As the body dehydrates, histamine creation increases in an attempt to hold on to the remaining water supplies in the body. This triggers allergy symptoms as the body tries to regain homeostasis. Drinking water can be useful, but for instant results, IV fluids are injected directly into the bloodstream bypassing the digestion system for a 100% absorption rate – Saline is our “base” which provides the bulk of your IV hydration.

Additional Supplements

All of our drips can be customized to provide additional immunity support. Benadryl can be added to the Immunity Drip formula, or any of our treatments, for an extra boost and immediate relief from symptoms. Benadryl is an antihistamine and commonly used to alleviate symptoms of seasonal allergies. This medication is useful because it blocks the synthesis of histamine. Our specialty formulated IV delivery method means that relief is instantaneous for those high pollen count days!

Our Meyer’s Cocktail/Immunity IV blend is just one of our specialized treatments at To Your Health and Wellness, LLC and is an effective and convenient way to get immediate relief from seasonal allergy symptoms. Our unique blend made up of vitamins and minerals is a natural way to boost the immune system and trigger the body’s natural response to protect itself. All our treatments are designed to rehydrate the body, flush allergens out of the system, and alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies.